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The Divitel team is famous for its teamspirit. Our experts combine experience with a hunger for new technologies and solutions. Team players who deliver results while still keeping an eye on quality and future.

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Product Manager DivisioTV

Mr. Jeroen Kok

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“Our talented and experienced team really understands today`s demand for interactive TV experience as we are end users as well. With Divisio we enable a dynamic and fully managed Interactive TV platform that allows our operators and service providers to step in at the peak of today`s technology. We embody a stable, scalable and professional service and together with our operators and service providers we form a winning team.

Furthermore it is my personal passion to develop and bring new solutions to the world. New solutions that excite end-users and really enable the business of our operators and service providers. As we speak we are working on a new world where everybody`s Video experience goes beyond imagination!”

Multi Media Engineer DivisioTV

Mr. Mark Albers


“As an all-round Multimedia engineer and Interactive TV enthusiast it is my passion to build and maintain a professional and state-of-the art platform. We are well experienced in IPTV platform deployments and OTT technologies and Divisio is no exception. Every day we are looking ahead, focusing on new technology and understanding the impact on today`s infrastructures and ecosystems.“

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Divitel Board:






Mr. Hans Kornmann

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(managing director Netherlands)

Mr. Rob Wijnen

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Mr. Gerton van den Beld

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Mr. Tuan Huynh

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Chief Software Architect Portugal

Mr. Diogo Andrade

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