Divitel manage platforms, which are providing more than 200 million viewers on a day-to-day basis. In time you’ll also find the project descriptions related to DivisioTV here. Since DivisioTV is a product of Divitel, you’ll find our general references on this page.

Service providers





B2B operators; e.g. hotels, hospitality & leisure




Enterprise operators / B2B

Specific enterprises have specific demands. As DivisioTV is based on open technology and open standards we offer the flexibility to adapt to your business.

Not only can DivisioTV be skinned into the look & Feel of the Enterprise operator we can even integrate with your existing services. Combined with the modular approach we can form the ideal situation that is needed.


As operators want to offer the best Interactive and personalized user experience to their end-users DivisioTV certainly is an interesting fit. This total solution is made available in the skin of the operator so their brand is recognized and appreciated by the market and new customers.

Focusing on high quality video experience, multiscreen (Phone, tablet, PC, and beyond), total personalization and social media, operators can get closer to their end-users, expand their services, excite the end-users, without having to worry or invest in operational or technical dynamics.

Service Providers

DivisioTV is a total IPTV proposition ideal for (Internet) service providers to extent their market proposition! Even though it is a complete solution it is build modular so every service provider can start and grow how they want.

As DivisioTV is a fully managed platform we take total care of the technical maintenance. This will enable the Service provider to focus on their core activity without having to invest in the specific technical knowledge.

The entire solution can be skinned in the Look & Feel of the service provider so the brand will be easily recognized and adopted by the market. In short, for service providers DivisioTV is a smart, modular, managed interactive TV platform that understands and enables the business of the service provider