World’s most flexible interactiveTV platform: DivisioTV

DivisioTV is a state-of-the-art interactiveTV solution to fulfill the business needs of even the most demanding requirements of today’s operators. DivisioTV allows you to start interactive services on TV, tablets, smart phones and PC’s. That makes DivisioTV world’s most flexible interactiveTV platform with a fantastic user experience!

Flexible for different needs

InteractiveTV is not just a product, it’s an experience! The required experience may vary per provider. Therefore the interactiveTV platform should adapt to the different needs. DivisioTV makes InteractiveTV a fantastic experience. To realise this, DivisioTV is based on a modular approach. Add features, customize your look, add apps and create a fantastic interactiveTV user experience!

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Independent solution

DivisioTV is a network independent solution. This makes DivisioTV suitable for any operator or provider!

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Managed platform

DivisioTV is a managed platform solution. We offer you a turn-key solution you can rely on.

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