Remote managed solution

Television is 24/7 business…your business. DivisioTV is one of Divitel’s solutions to serve your business. To manage your DivisioTV system, Divitel offers a solution, at less costs, less complexity and less risks! How? Consilium is our answer!

Divitel has set up a complete Service Operating Centre enabling complete technical platforms of its clients to be remotely managed and monitored. This service concept has been realised under the name of Divitel Consilium™.

Divitel’s Consilium™ offers real time system management at low operational costs and a quick response time in case of emergencies. With permanent system log checks and status reviews, proactive intervention is possible if potential problems are identified, even before the end user is confronted with the problem.

Service Level Agreement

In addition to remote management activities Divitel are also able to take all the necessary measures in order to resolve malfunctions on-site. For this, a Service Level Agreement (SLA) can be signed, or work on the basis of post calculation is also possible. A secure web portal enables clients to have all the required information at their disposal: all documents, log files, questions, answers, logistic data, system drawings, change requests, etc. Currently, various clients are affiliated with Divitel Consilium™, using both large and small platforms. In addition to once-only costs a monthly fee is applicable for remote service including monitoring and monthly reporting.


The Consilium App, for Apple and Android, is a remote support monitoring tool for DivisioTV customers and engineers. It allows the users to communicate with the support team of Divitel on a personal mobile or tablet device anywhere, anyplace, anytime. A special dashboard gives the user a quick look at his support cases; management information, reports and immediate response through push notifications. Customer support management is now a lot easier!


Consilium App – Login


Consilium App – Dashboard