The interactiveTV solution for any operator

DivisioTV is a high tech interactiveTV solution suitable for 200 up to numerous subscribers for so called tier 1 operators. Through its modular approach, operators are enabled to adapt DivisioTV to their specific business case. The proven technology has a low investment, an OPEX friendly business model!

Modular and scalable

The architecture of the DivsioTV system has modular approach resulting in a solution suitable for every size of operator, service provider or b2b operator in hospitality and leisure.

Network independent

DivisioTV is a ‘network independent’ platform. That makes DivisioTV a unique solution for offering interactiveTV. Your company can offer offer interactive TV to your subscribers whether you have FttH (fiber to the home), Coax, Dsl, Hybrid 3G/4G, OTT (over the top) or any combination of afore mentioned.

DivisioTV is an independent solutions in many ways:

vink.gif Network independent
vink.gif Platform independent
vink.gif Device independent
vink.gif Content independent

Besides that, DivisioTV is a solution that is customizable, differentiable and turn-key!


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