Flexibility is key

DivisioTV comes with a dynamic and flexible subscriber management system. This enables you to manage: user groups, flexible subscriptions and up-sale opportunities, widget bundling and targeted advertisement. The platform is flexible and widget-based. You can create your own widgets by using the DivisioTV Widget Development Kit. Creating your own widgets even enables new business models. Sell your widgets or buy widgets from other DivisioTV operators.

DivisioTV Features:

Z:\Klanten\Divitel\Divisio\tekst\maintainance.jpgEasy manageable
User friendly system for adding subscribers, devices, marketing campaigns, etc.


Z:\Klanten\Divitel\Divisio\tekst\multiscreen.jpgMulti device support
Tablets, PC’s, smart phones, TV’s, 3-screen solutions.

Z:\Klanten\Divitel\Divisio\tekst\users.jpgScalable solution
From 200 subscribers up to millions of subscribers for tier 1 operators.


Hotels, Universities, Holiday Parks, Government, Care institutions, Leisure industry.

Z:\Klanten\Divitel\Divisio\tekst\networks.jpgNetwork independent
DVB-C, DVB-T, DVB-S, Web, DSL, 3G/4G, FttH, OTT, PC, Hybrid. Cloud based technology with local redundancy.


Z:\Klanten\Divitel\Divisio\tekst\open.jpgOpen platform
No vendor lock-in, open technology, clear exit strategy. Customizable in your look and feel

Divisio software- and widget development kit for personalized marketing. Recommendation engine, Promotions. Social media (Twitter, Facebook, online gaming, chatting, …)


Z:\Klanten\Divitel\Divisio\tekst\soap.jpgOpen interfaces
SOAP interfaces

HD user interface, 3D user interface


24/7 full service
Secure Support Services
On-Site Support Services
Optimize Support Services
Event Support Services
Proactive support
Preventive maintenance
Software update management
Road map management