The interactiveTV experience

Since the first television broadcast in 1930 in the Amsterdam Carlton Hotel, the way we watch television has changed dramatically. For the consumer this evolution has been a natural process. However most operators have experienced this process quite differently! Technology evolved extremely rapidly; from analogue to digital, to HD with the usual additional investments.

Z:\Klanten\Divitel\materiaal\plaatje4.bmpInteractiveTV is HOT

These days interactiveTV is hot. Many operators are wondering whether they should see this as an opportunity or a threat. The high investment and, at first glance, lean business case are an important part of this doubt. In order to respond to this, independent system integrator and solutions provider Divitel has developed DivisioTV.


Satisfy your customers by offering InteractiveTV and retain them

Offer new services and generate new business oppertunities

Ensure your proposition of the latest features, now and in the future.